Wooden canvas, brushes of flame and a menagerie of color hone this eclectic wonderland of decor for the home, body, ​and soul

​Many people are like silt in a stream; carried along not resisting the current until they sink and settle. When my children were born, I knew I couldn't be yet another example of that. I knew that resistance was necessary. I became determined to give them a good life. A good life isn't easy, but it is rewarding. It's a life of reclaiming and reworking, testing and pushing, repurposing and recycling. My shop is a testament to those rewards, of respecting the difficulty of a craft over the ease of mass production. My work is a way to show how to get the most out of everything instead of taking things for granted. My pieces are born from landfill-bound finds or artisan-crafted supplies, growing handmade communities. My shop is my way of illuminating change, a world that is more than greed and waste. Working from home, I hope to demonstrate the grit, love, and gratitude I want my children to know are the keys to the good life. My shop is my fight. My art is my voice. My fuel... change.

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pyrography artist, Penny B | Teq Tantrum


wood burned geometric sugar skull mandala book box
wood burned zentangle flower art bangle
wood burned geometric sun tea box
wood burned fractal art bangle
Teq Tantrum logo
Teq Tantrum logo
Teq Tantrum logo
Teq Tantrum logo
"Congruous Enigma"
Teq Tantrum Pyrography
"In Bloom"
Teq Tantrum Pyrography
"Luminous Equilibrium"
Teq Tantrum Pyrography
"Perpetual Bliss"
Teq Tantrum Pyrography