Drawing has always  
been ​a peaceful and cathartic process for me...


​​Pyrography is an earthy progression of my drawings. It lends the patterns a permanence while still being meditative for me. I get drawn in to the texture, the smell, and the way the depth interacts with the light on the surface of the wood.​
pyrography artist, Penny B
My work usually is sourced from fallen trees, leftover wood cuttings, items crafted by other artisans, or I make use of old items, things that have a story but perhaps are lost in their old form. Sometimes it's as if certain pieces just call to be recycled, repurposed, renewed. Those are the ones I burn the fuck out of.
My work reflects the wonderful bits of the the world: the weird, the different, and at times the guiding forces of my own life. It is a way for me to test myself, to train my hand for patience, to work in a multitude of processes to find what works for each piece. The outcome is something that hopefully speaks to someone else, challenges them to find relevance in the peripheral, to enjoy what might have been escaping their view, and maybe even to make a connection with someone else on what truly matters.​
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